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Peer Mentoring

Information for staff on the Peer Mentoring Programme.

Peer Mentors help to enhance and promote the overall University experience of their fellow students, enabling new students to develop a sense of belonging. 

During Semester 1 they support a small group of Stage 1 students to settle into their course and life at Newcastle University by providing support through the sharing of information about relevant University services and resources, or by simply sharing their experiences as a student.

Peer Mentoring Staff Coordinators are responsible for Peer Mentors in each School. They are responsible for the recruitment of new Peer Mentors as well as organising any activities that ensure that the scheme runs as smoothly as possible for both the School and its students.

Staff Coordinators begin to recruit new Peer Mentors for the next academic year at the end of Semester 1. Peer Mentors will first meet their mentees during the Induction period, so it is expected that Schools will organise an event for both their Peer Mentors and their mentees to meet during this period.

During Semester 1, Staff Coordinators are responsible for making sure that their Peer Mentors are engaging with their mentees and for providing any additional support their Peer Mentors may need. It is expected that Peer Mentors will meet with their mentees up to four times during Semester 1. Staff Coordinators will meet or check in with their Peer Mentors throughout the semester to see how things are progressing, answer any queries and escalate any issues which may have arisen.

To find out who the Staff Coordinator is in your School, please view our Staff Coordinator list.

Newcastle University staff members involved in the delivery of the Peer Mentoring Scheme can be added to our dedicated Canvas Community - please contact for details.