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University Library Strategic Plan

The University Library’s strategic priorities and objectives for 2024/25 to 2028/29

The Library’s planning cycle

In February each year the Library produces a strategic planning update, along with the other Professional Services, which presents a framework for development for the following five year period. This planning statement informs an internal set of strategic priorities and objectives, which are summarised below.

Our strategic priorities and objectives for the coming year also reflect and support the University’s vision and strategies.They are informed and shaped by the University’s core and aspirational values of Excellence, Creativity, Impact, EDI, Social and Environmental Justice and follow the guiding principles of working together, visibly leading, freedom and opportunity to succeed and responding to current and future challenges.

The Library’s Strategic Priorities

The Library’s Strategic Priorities (SP) for the next five years are focused on the following themes:

  • SP1 - To contribute to the delivery of an outstanding educational experience at Newcastle University which supports the University’s commitment to improve access, success and progression for all students.

  • SP2 - To provide effective and impactful support for the University’s research and researchers.

  • SP3 - To strategically deploy library resources and spaces in a financially and environmentally sustainable manner.

Within each Strategic Priority theme, the Strategic Objectives (SO) are as follows:

Jill Taylor-Roe
Director of Academic Services and 
University Librarian

May 2024