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Borrow, Reserve & Return

Borrow, Reserve & Return

How to borrow, reserve and return books, recommend items for purchase and more.

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You can borrow items from the Philip Robinson Library, Walton Library, Law Library and Research Reserve. You will need a current smartcard to issue items to your library account. Self-issue kiosks are available or staff can issue items for you from the Library Help Desk. Long loan items can be borrowed for as long as you need them and we will email you when they need to be returned.

The Student Texts Collection (STC) is a collection of library materials in heavy demand or defined as essential course reading. These items can only be borrowed for a maximum of four hours or overnight and you can book them to use at a particular time. Student Texts Collection items are subject to overdue charges if brought back late.

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If the item you want is already on loan, you can reserve it and we will send you an email to let you know when it is ready to collect. Items located in the Research Reserve need to be requested and will be available to collect from the Philip Robinson Library or Walton Library. If a journal is available in the Research Reserve you can request an article scan using our Desktop Delivery Service.

We will inform you if someone has reserved an item you have on loan, and you will have seven days to return it to the Library. Items returned late which have been reserved by someone else are subject to overdue charges.


Before your items are due, we will send you an email telling you when you need to return them. You can return long loan items to any of the following locations:

Short loan items must be returned to the Library from which they were borrowed. Some items may be subject to an overdue charge if they are returned late. 

Overdue charges

Overdue charges may be incurred for the late return of the following:

  • Long loan item requested by another user - £1 per day up to a maximum of £15
  • Student Texts Collection item - £1 immediate charge plus £1 per hour after that up to a maximum of £15
  • Locker keys - £1 immediate charge plus £1 per day after that up to a maximum of £15
  • Inter Library Loans - £1 per day up to a maximum of £15

If you have lost an item, you may be required to pay for a replacement. 

Overdue charges can be paid online by logging into My Account on Library Search, or alternatively you can pay at the Library Help Desk via contactless card.


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