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A data management plan (DMP) outlines a project’s practical approach to what data will be created, how it will be processed, stored, analysed, and how data of long-term value will be archived and shared.  The content of a plan will vary by discipline but will typically cover:  

  • the volume and type(s) of data generated  
  • how data will be organised and adequately documented  
  • where data will be stored and backed up during the project  
  • how data is ethically and legally compliant  
  • how data will be preserved and made available for others to reuse under FAIR principles (where appropriate) in the long term  
  • who will be responsible for looking after your data during and after the project and what resources will be needed  

Submission dates 

As PGR you are expected to upload your DMP as a standalone document within the Project Approval stage. The plan will then become a ‘living’ document during your research and an updated version of the DMP will be submitted during your Annual Progression Review.  



To write your DMP it is recommended that you use DMPOnline Newcastle, a tool containing University templates, along with detailed guidance to help you. The Research Data Service has created a practical guide to using DMPOnline.