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Open Research Programme

Accelerating the uptake of open research practices


Newcastle University is a partner in the UKRN-led Open Research Programme, a five-year programme of work across a consortium of universities that aims to accelerate the uptake of open research practices through training and the sharing good practice. As the programme develops this page will be updated with details of training opportunities, resources and activities relevant to university researchers.


  1. Develop and deliver high-quality training in open and transparent research practice;
  2. Develop a framework for ongoing evaluation of institutional practice in open research;
  3. Share effective practice across the sector

These objectives will be delivered through the programme's main workstreams.


Training - Enabling UK institutions to improve skills in open research practices

  • Train-the-Trainer programme for training leads at consortium institutions 
  • Courses on open research practices delivered by training leads in their own institution
  • Curated set of open research training resources, including new materials where required

Evaluation - Developing effective ways to assess changes among researchers and institutions 

  • Survey of researchers’ open research practices and their views on the support they have in adopting those
  • Effective ways to assess the impact of specific programme interventions, notably those on training and reward/recognition

Sharing - Enabling and encouraging institutions to share good practice 

  • Tools to enable institutions to share, disseminate and reuse good practices
  • Checklists/guides for implementing open research and for responsible researcher evaluation and a self-assessment toolkit for institutions to track progress