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Social Media

Develop your media profile to further disseminate your work and increase your visibility

You can take advantage of a professional social media profile as a way of further disseminating your work and increasing your visibility. As with your author profiles, we'd recommend that you choose one form of your name and stick to it. Remember to refer to your institution in the accepted form (Newcastle University) to make it as easy as possible to find you.

Which platform to use?

There are many online academic networks from which to choose, all offering different benefits and interoperability with internal systems. Use our social media guide and the suggestions below to find out which one(s) will work for you.

Make yourself aware of the creators behind the platform and their motivations (whether commercial, Open Access advocates, discipline-specific in their aims and audience). If you need advice or would like to know how different platforms operate with internal systems please speak to your Faculty Research Impact Officers.