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Link to ORCiD

Link to ORCiD

Data.ncl provides an ORCID integration that, once connected, will allow you to push all of your public items from data.ncl to ORCID.

To push all of your public items from data.ncl to ORCID you need to ensure DataCite is authorised on your ORCID account. DataCite are responsible for issuing the DOIs to data in data.ncl. Once authorised, your public data.ncl items will be displayed in the work section of your ORCID profile.

Step 1: Sign in at

Step 2: Sign in with your ORCID

Step 3: Authorise:

  1. Scroll down to the Works section and click +Add works
  2. Select Search & link, you’ll be presented with the services you can link to
  3. Select

You will be presented with a permissions form. Upon reviewing the Privacy Policy, tick the box alongside 'Allow this permission until I revoke it' and select Authorise.

You will then be taken to your DataCite settings page. To check the authorisation has worked successfully head back to ORCiD and to your Account Settings tab. ORCiD should now be listed as a Trusted organisation.

Furthermore, you can set up a DataCite profile (if you don't already have one) and then give DataCite permission to automatically update your ORCID record. You only have to do that once and DataCite will keep on updating your ORCID record every time they mint a DOI, where your ORCID iD is included in the metadata. See and click on ORCID Auto-Update once you have a profile set up. In this way, you do not have to keep manually adding Figshare items to your ORCID account. This is especially useful when you have a lot of data!

Step 4: Sync your ORCiD to your data.ncl profile:

Go to your profile page on your data.ncl account and click on Connect and enable syncing with your ORCiD

Step 5: Sign in to ORCID

Step 6: Authorise

Step 7: Your ORCID is now synced