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Step Inside a Picture

Step Inside a Picture

A simple, yet effective way to get your students to engage with an image is to ask them to ‘step inside’ a picture, painting or photograph and use their 5 senses to imagine what they can see, hear smell, taste and touch/feel.

Show your students an illustration, photograph or painting (such as this one from Newcastle University Special Collections) and ask theme the following questions:

  1.  What can you see?
  2. What can you hear?
  3. What can you smell?
  4. What can you taste?
  5. What can you touch or feel?

You could get students to do this individually or discuss in pairs and then get them to feed back their ideas to the rest of the class.

You may want to print out the Step Inside a Picture pdf and use it to record your ideas.

Drawing of the Great Fire of Gateshead in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Image Reference: EWL/3/5, Newcastle University Special Collections

Did you know?

You can find out more about the Great Fire of Gateshead by visiting our Amazing Archives website.