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British Civil Wars: The Siege of Newcastle

Discover why Newcastle was so important during the British Civil Wars and what it was like to be involved in the siege of Newcastle of 1644.

About the workshop

This workshop allows students to learn about the impact of the British Civil Wars on their local area. Students will learn about the Siege of Newcastle, 1644, using primary source material, including eyewitness accounts.

Suitable for: Key Stage 3

Subject(s): History

Duration: Half a day to one day

Location: On campus (using original letters) or in school (using facsimiles).

Availability: Please get it touch for available dates

Group size: Up to 32 students per workshop on campus (if you wish to include more students, we can discuss alternative options - please add this information to the 'Any other details' section of the booking form)

N.B. We can deliver the history and archives part of this workshop in school or online upon request. Email for further information.