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Introduction to Special Collections

Explore the hidden wonders of archives as they literally touch history. An overview of what gems are hidden in your local archives: seals of Henry VIII, 1831/2 cholera outbreak, civil war propaganda, 1906 election posters, local history and more!

About the workshop

This session introduces your students to the hidden wonders of archives and gives them the chance to literally touch history. They will get to see and handle items from Newcastle University's Special Collections and Archives, including documents from the reign of King Henry VIII, pamphlets from the English Civil War, rare books from the Victorian period and many more.

This workshop can be combined with any of the other workshops on offer.

Suitable for: Key Stages 3, 4 and 5

Subject(s): History

Duration: 1 hour

Location: On Campus Only

Availability: Please get it touch for available dates

Group size: Up to 32 students per workshop on campus (if you wish to include more students, we can discuss alternative options - please add this information to the 'Any other details' section of the booking form).

Magnifying glass looking at an old archive

What people are saying about this workshop

The children were in awe as were the staff. The murderer's sock, Queen Victoria's signature, the impact re holding and using historical sources was immeasurable