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Source Analysis

Introducing students to a wide range of sources and asking them to question their bias, provenance, purpose, etc. Access to original resources and use of online enquiry based learning ensures this is a lesson they are likely to remember.

About the workshop

This skills-based workshop introduces your students to a wide range of primary sources and encourages them to examine them in detail and questions about them.

For GCSE and A-level students, it may be possible to tailor the session so that the sources used are relevant to their examination syllabus e.g. GCSE: Health and the People, A-Level: Britain 1900-51.

Suitable for: Key Stages 4 and 5

Subject(s): History

Duration: 1 hour (we would recommend combining this session with our Introduction to Special Collections to make a half a day visit)

Availability: Please get it touch for available dates

Group size: Up to 32 students per workshop on campus (if you wish to include more students, we can discuss alternative options - please add this information to the 'Any other details' section of the booking form)

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