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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and changes to our services - All library buildings are now closed. The Library service remains open online.

You can use the self-service machines or staff can issue items for you at the service desk in any library (you must always produce your Smartcard).

You will receive a notification telling you when you need to return your books. You are responsible for all items issued to your Smartcard.

If an item you want is out on loan you can request it using the reservations service.

Managing your loans

You can see all of the items you have on loan within My Account in Library Search.

When is my loan due?

You can borrow a long loan item for as long as you need it unless someone else reserves it.

If another customer reserves an item that you have, we will send you a notification when the item is due back and a date will display in the Due field in My Account e.g. Due: 01/04/20.

You will be given 7 days to return a requested item during term time, but please return it sooner if you can.

If you do not return it within 7 days, you will start to accrue an overdue charge of £1.00 per day up to a maximum of £15.00.

We also need to check periodically that you still have the items on loan, so the maximum loan date is the longest period you can have an item for before you need to bring it back to the library. If no one else wants it you can borrow it again.

  • For students, community and NHS users the maximum loan date is 20 weeks.
  • For staff the maximum loan date is 52 weeks.

University staff

May have out on loan at any one time:

  • 59 long loan items
  • 3 student texts collection items


May have out on loan at any one time:

  • 35 long loan items
  • 3 student texts collection items


May have out on loan at any one time:

  • 20 long loan items
  • 3 student texts collection items

Community borrowers: fee paying and others

May have out on loan at any one time:

  • 8 long loan items

Community borrowers have a green smartcard and include:

  • Newcastle University graduates (fee-paying)
  • Members of the public (fee-paying)
  • Staff of charities (fee-paying)
  • SCONUL scheme borrowers.
  • Local members of Professional Institutes and Societies.
  • Staff of partner organisations, galleries and museums (North East).
  • Teachers and Librarians from Partner Schools.
  • Northumbria University retired staff.

NHS staff - North East and Cumbria

May have out on loan at any one time:

  • 8 long loan items

Read the definitions of the various loan types.

Issue your own books

Self-service machines are available throughout all libraries, allowing you to borrow and renew your own items using your Smartcard.

You must have a current Smartcard and your books/items must have a barcode label on the bottom left hand corner of the cover. If you have any problems please go to the service desk.

You will not be able to use the service:

  • to borrow items without barcodes on the front cover
  • if your Smartcard has expired
  • if you have a block on your Smartcard
  • if your item has been invoiced for the replacement cost
  • if you have overdue charges in excess of £5.00
  • to transfer book loans from someone else's Smartcard to your own card
  • to renew books that are required by another reader

Email reminder notices

Newcastle University staff and students

Email Reminders are sent from the library about recalled items, reservations awaiting collection, and overdue items. These are sent to your university e-mail address unless you specifically inform us that you wish to receive notifications by post.

Other members of the library

Notices from the library about recalled items, reservations awaiting collection and overdue items will be sent to you by e-mail if you provide an email address when you register.

If you do not have an email address, notices will be sent to you by post.

Queries relating to books on loan

If there is an item listed in your loan record which you think you have returned we will:

  • check the Library shelves to see if the item is there.
  • if the item is found we will remove it from your loan record.
  • if after an initial check the item is not found, and it is still recorded as being on loan to you, we will ask you to check again at home in case it has been overlooked.
  • we will continue to search for the item in the Library until it is due to be invoiced for the replacement cost. You will still be able to use your Smartcard until then.
  • during the checking process you will still receive overdue notifications if the item is not located.
  • when the invoice is produced, if the item has not been found, your Library Smartcard will automatically become blocked with the replacement charge and the invoice will be sent to you.
  • you may either pay the charge or supply a replacement copy of the item. Replacement copies must either be new, or if second hand in perfect condition.
  • the Library does not automatically accept liability for these items.
  • if you claim to have returned an item after you have received an invoice for its replacement cost, we will check the shelf twice and if it is not located you may still be liable to pay the invoice charge.
  • please be aware that invoiced items are regarded as Library debts, and unpaid debts may be passed to the University Finance Office for our normal debt recovery procedure.
  • At this stage you are no longer able to return, replace or pay for lost items at the Library.

Please note:

If at any time during the checking process you do find the item, please return it to the Library and inform Library staff as soon as possible that it has been found.

Overdue charges are still applied to items which are returned after the due date.

When using Self Services to return items please take your receipt, as this is your proof that the return transaction has been successful.

If there is an item in your loan record which you are certain you have not borrowed, please contact Library Staff immediately so that an investigation can be carried out.

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