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Thomas Baker Brown

The archive of Thomas Baker Brown is rich in primary sources dating from the First World War and includes letters, postcards and artefacts.

Below are some suggestions as to how you can us these resources with Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 students to explore what it was like to be a First World War Soldier.

Thomas Baker Brown


Read a comic about Thomas Baker Brown's wartime experiences. Written and drawn by Terry Wiley, this comic uses material from the Thomas Baker Brown archive to tell the story of a typical First World War Tommy.

Read the comic online

Download a printable PDF version

Teacher Resource Pack

A Local Tommy

A Local Tommy

Our teacher resource pack has been created by Newcastle University Education Outreach team and Cap-a-Pie Theatre Company, to provide a mix of History, English and Drama activities for you to recreate in your classroom.

Download 'A Local Tommy'

Thomas Baker Brown photograph sheet

5Ws Graphic Organiser


Use the sources provided to find out about the different aspects of Thomas Baker Brown's wartime story.

Training Camp sources Training Camp

Trenches sources Trenches

Prisoner of War and Coming Home sources Prisoner of War and Coming Home

These sources are strictly for use in educational purposes (e.g. in PowerPoint presentations or in student hand-outs).

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