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Cracking Cholera: From Quackery to Cure - Workshop (1 day)

Cracking Cholera

Put your potions into practice by joining us on an interactive investigation into the causes and cures of cholera in the past and present combining the subjects of History and Science with unique access to NU Special Collections and practical work in a NU science lab.

Students start the day by exploring resources in our special collections. Armed with new knowledge and inspiration, they'll then hit the labs to create their own 19th century cure for cholera. They'll investigate the use of magic bullets (antibiotics), and see first-hand how their 19th century tinctures affect the function of cells. Finally, students become modern day biomedical scientists and must identify the cholera victims from a number of bacterial swab samples.

This workshop is available on limited dates in the summer term.

"I found this workshop very enjoyable and active. I liked learning about the history of cholera and making my own tincture."Student
"During the workshop, they were fascinated about how little affect some of the "cures" they created had on the actual disease. To observe something like that in "real life" rather than via the Internet has a massive impact on their understanding of how science works."Science teacher
"Many of the pupils had not visited a University before and were in awe of the impressive Labs."Science teacher

This workshop is available on limited dates in the summer term.

This workshop is suitable for:

  • Key Stage 2
  • Key Stage 3
  • History
  • Biology
  • Science

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