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Our large format service can help whether you need a poster for a presentation, some temporary signage or just want to get your message across in a big way.

We are able to print on either paper or canvas from A2 up to A0-size and beyond. For longer-lasting results, we offer a laminating service to help improve the durability of your print.

For printing at sizes smaller than A2 (420x594mm) please refer to our printing pages.

The large format service is responsible for printing sizes A2 and larger. For smaller sizes please also refer to our printing page.



Size Print Lamination
A2 £8 £3
A1 £14 £6
A0 without A2 proof £30 £12
A0 with A2 proof (recommended) £38 £12


Size Print
A4 £11.25
A3 £16.00
A2 £22.50
A1 £32.00
A0 £45.00

Please note, all prices are exclusive of VAT where applicable.

We are also able to print and laminate custom-sized posters up to 90 x 180cm in size. Quotations are available on request.

Designing your poster

Poster Templates

To assist you in designing your poster we have produced templates (click Large Format Templates tab above) for A1 and A0 posters. You are not obliged to use these templates but you may find it useful to do so.

Guidelines for setting up your poster


We recommend that any photographs, graphics or logos should be at least 200 dpi in resolution to avoid pixelation when printed. Please note, many images (including logos) used on web pages are of a very low resolution and are not suitable for printing.


As we trim all posters to size after printing you may choose to have the design of your poster printed full-bleed (with print running to the edge of the page). We advise that all text or important information is positioned at least 2cm from the edge of the page to avoid the risk of it being cropped during trimming.


We advise that you use fonts which are readily available on PCs. If it is necessary for you to use specialised fonts we recommend that you embed them into your document or submit your file as a PDF.

We recommend that you use the following font sizes when creating your poster:

  A1 A0
Title 70pt 100pt
Subheadings 30pt 60pt
Author & Address 30pt 60pt
Body text 20pt 30pt

Colour and Effects

We have the following recommendations for setting up your poster in order to obtain the best quality results:

  • to improve legibility, use dark text against a pale background rather than light text on dark.
  • transparent fills may not print correctly.
  • large solid black print areas should be avoided.

University logo

The poster templates available from Print Services include the University logo. The logo is part of the University's corporate visual identity and as such must not be used in any way other than the format in which it is supplied.

You may proportionally enlarge, or reduce the logo, but it must not be distorted, or altered in any way. The University’s Brand Guidelines include comprehensive details on how the logo should be used.

Submitting your work

We are able to accept the following file formats:

  • print-Ready PDF (preferred)
  • any Microsoft Office document
  • high-resolution jpeg or tiff
  • Photoshop Document (PSD)
  • Encapsulated Postscript (EPS)

Files can be submitted by email or on removable media through Print Services reception. Internal customers can also submit larger files using the University's Dropoff facility.

Sending your poster by email

When submitting your poster to us by email please include the following information:

  • your full contact details, including a telephone number
  • the size you require your poster to be printed
  • whether you require the poster laminated
  • whether you require an A2 proof (we only recommend this for A0 posters)

We will reply to you by email confirming receipt of your file.

Submitting your poster at Print Services reception

Files may be submitted through Print Services reception (Level 1 of the Philip Robinson Library). You will be asked to complete a request form detailing your contact details and full requirements.

We may need to keep your CD or memory stick until your work is complete. The file for printing should be saved separately in its own folder. Please ensure that you use an easily identifiable filename - ideally your full name or a recognisable short title.

We will confirm a collection date and time when you submit your file for printing

Turnaround times

We will complete your printing as quickly as possible and will always aim to work within your deadline.

Our standard turnaround times are as follows:

  • A2 and A1: 1 - 2 working days
  • A0 and larger: 2 - 3 working days

We can often produce work within these times - if you require your work printed more quickly, please feel free to ask.

Large Format Templates

To assist you in creating your poster we have designed the following Powerpoint templates for A1 and A0 sizes.

A1 A0
Landscape Blue download download
Landscape Yellow download download
Portrait Blue download download
Portrait Yellow download download

Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a look at our FAQ page.

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