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Large Format Printing Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question which is not answered here please feel free to contact us.

Q:  What File formats do you accept?

A:  We are able to accept the following formats:

  • Print-Ready PDF (preferred)
  • EPS
  • High-resolution JPG or TIFF
  • Any Microsoft Office document

Q:  How can I pay for my poster?

A:  Payments may be made in cash, cheque or by credit/debit card. We are able to accept card payments over the telephone.

Printing can be charged to a university account by Internal Purchase Requisition form - please note, we are only able to release work once we have an original, signed internal purchase requisition form.

We are also able to take payment from NHS accounts using NHS purchase orders (NHS customers should contact their supplies department for specific information on the correct procedure for this).

Q:  How quickly are you able to print my poster?

A:  Our standard turnaround times are as follows:

   A2 and A1 1-2 working days

   A0 and larger 2-3 working days

We can often produce work within these times - if you require your work to be printed more quickly, please feel free to ask.

Q:  Can you deliver?

A:  We are able to deliver internal work to all University addresses both on and off campus. If you would like us to deliver to a non-university address, please feel free to ask. Please note, payment must be made in full prior to delivery.

Q:  What is the largest poster you can print and laminate?

A:  We are also able to print and laminate custom-sized posters up to 90 x 180cm in size. Quotations are available on request.

Q:  Do you offer out of hours collection?

A:  Providing the work has been paid for in full we can leave large format printing for collection from the main library desk during Philip Robinson Library opening hours.

Q:  Do you print photographs?

A:  In the print room we use a laser-printing process which is unlike the method used to produce photographs. We would be happy to print your pictures onto heavy-weight gloss paper but we do not use a photographic process.

Q:  What is your policy on sustainability?

A:  For more information regarding how the Library views its environmental responsibilities please see here.

Q:  Do you offer a framing service?

A:  We are not currently able to offer framing as part of our service.

Q:  Can you supply me with the University logo?

A:  We cannot supply the logo to customers directly, please see here for information regarding Newcastle University's corporate visual identity.

Q:  Do you have any photos of the University campus?

A:  For photos of the University, we recommend that you use the Newcastle University Photo Library.

Q:  Will I be charged VAT on printing?

A:  We do not charge VAT to our internal customers but the standard rate applies to all external work. All prices listed are exclusive of VAT.

Q:  Is there a discount available for printing multiple posters?

A:  We are not able to offer any discount on our large format posters.

Q:  Do you print proofs?

A:  We strongly recommend that a proof is checked for A0 posters. Proofs are created in order to ensure that the work is being reproduced as intended and must be signed off before we are able to proceed with the final print.

Q:  Can you email me my proof?

A:  The proofs we produce are smaller, printed versions of your final poster - as such we cannot email them to you.

Q:  What type of paper will my work be printed onto?

A:  As standard, we use 180gsm paper for large format printing but other papers are available upon request.

You are more than welcome to visit us to discuss your requirements and to see samples of the paper we have in stock.

Q:  Can I book some time in for printing?

A:  Unfortunately not. We carry out work as it is submitted to us and cannot accept bookings for printing.

Q:  Do you offer a design service?

A:  We are unable to offer a design service but we offer a range of templates to assist you with setting up your poster.

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