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Induction 2021

Induction 2021

Welcome to the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics new students' induction page.

Induction programme

Welcome and Induction week starts on Monday 20 September 2021.

Teaching starts on Monday 27 September 2021.

Accessing your induction materials

New Undergraduate Students:

All Stage 1 students will be expected to be on campus for induction, to attend timetabled sessions and events. Your first session will be as follows:

  • All students on Maths programmes (G100, G103, G300, GG13, GGC3, G1N3, G1N4, GL11, NG41)
    • Monday 20 September, arrive 10am, Ground Floor, Herschel Building
  • All students on Physics programmes (F300, F303, F344, F345, F3F5, F3FM)
    • Monday 20 September, arrive 10:30am, Ground Floor, Herschel Building

The Herschel Building is number 17 on the campus map (PDF 4MB).

If you wish to view details and important information on your course and induction information, please use the Canvas community page: Canvas Community

We are acutely aware of the difficulties some of you have experienced during your A-level (or equivalent) studies this year as a result of the pandemic so we are working hard to develop transition materials to support you before you commence your studies on 27 September. These will be available on Canvas so please register as soon as you can and begin engaging with this material.


Stage 1 Undergradute Induction Timetables:


Mathematics and Statistics -Stage 1 (Single Hons, Major Minor and Joint Hons)

Physics- Stage 1 students



Returning Undergraduate Students:

Your full induction timetable and additional induction material will be available online via Canvas induction page (follow link for induction pages). You can log into Canvas using your university login details once you've registered.

Appointments will be made for you to meet with your Personal Tutor, Student Mentor and Transition Officer during Induction. These times should not clash with other induction events. Appointment times will be communicated in advance via email.


Returning Students (Undergraduate) Induction Timetables:

Mathematics and Statistics cohorts-

Stage Two -Maths and Stats Single Honours ,Major/Minor and Joint Hons

Stage Three -Maths and Stats Single Honours ,Major/Minor and Joint Hons

Stage 4- Maths and Stats Single Honours and Major Minor

Physics cohorts-

Stage two- Physics

Stage three-Physics

Stage four-Physics


Postgraduate students

Please contact to arrange to come into Herschel building and pick up your office key. Experimental Physics students will receive a separate email with regards to arrangement for key collection for Merz Court Building.

You will receive when you arrive:

Your allocated desk in one of our postgraduate rooms (an office key will be provided) a brief tour of the School a guide to the facilities available to you. If you have any outstanding conditions with regards to your offer, they must have been met at this stage.

If you haven't already arranged a meeting with your Supervisor, please contact them as soon as possible to arrange a meeting.

School Induction will take place on 06 October starting at 13:00 in Herschel TR2. You will receive an email with further details nearer the time.


Useful information

Here you will find links that will help make starting your study at Newcastle as simple as possible.


It's essential that you complete a number of activities by the end of induction week. You should make sure you complete each of these actions:

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