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Support for Staff

The Faculty is committed to building an environment of engagement and inclusion to ensure that all our staff and students achieve their full potential.

Support for Staff


A University-wide mentorship scheme is available, with a range of options for making the most out of the mentorship experience. Contact Organisational Development or the EDI team to find out more.

The Faculty runs the Early Careers Mentoring Network. It's aimed at both research and academic employees at an early stage of their career.

The NU Women Career Conversations Scheme gives NU Women members many opportunities. This includes discussing issues relating to their career with an experienced colleague one-to-one. We advertise these through NU Women.

We encourage staff to become mentors in these programmes. We advertise training events in our newsletter Equality Matters.


Externally funded research and technical staff in the Faculty are eligible to apply for bridging funds. They will support those staff between contracts.

Faculty staff can apply for the Aurora Leadership Programme. This is a national leadership development programme from Advance HE aimed at women in Higher Education.

Newcastle University’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Fund supports staff or student projects. The focus is on issues around equality, diversity and inclusion. Up to £5,000 per project is available. Click here for more details.

The University also offers a Returners Support Programme. This is open to academic, teaching or research colleagues who have taken some time off work due to caring responsibilities. It is also open for team members who are off work due to caring responsibilities.

The funds are enablers for return to work.

Examples include:

  • an appointment of a fixed-term technician for up to 12 months during long-term leave
  • reduction in admin/teaching for up to 6 months
  • rescheduling of teaching work or project work
  • enabling attendance at a conference or training course
  • a phased return to work
  • covering extra childcare costs for conference or training attendance

The programme provides funding of up to £10,000 to contribute towards supporting an extra post, or up to £5,000 for other forms of support. The Faculty contact for the Returners Support is Jo Faichney.

For any further information, contact us.


Organisational Development co-ordinates a wide range of training and development opportunities. Academic, research and professional support staff benefit from these, including unconscious bias training.

We also encourage and support female staff into more senior roles through the Aurora Leadership Programme. which is a national leadership development programme aimed at women in Higher Education.