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Our Impact

Our research improves the health of people around the world.

Our research tackles current and future health, wellbeing and care challenges for the benefit of populations locally, nationally and internationally. 

Our case studies demonstrate the impact of our work in the real world. 

  • Endocuff Vision: a simple tool to increase early detection of cancerous lesions in the colon
  • Intake24: a free, accurate online food intake measurement 
  • LifeCurve(TM) software for assessing functional decline 
  • Improving the transition of young people with long-term health conditions from child- to adult-oriented healthcare 
  • Improving school food standards and introducing nutritious free school meals for infants 
  • Informing the WHO Guideline on sugars contributed to the global introduction of limits on sugar intake 
  • Accessing community pharmacies for non-urgent care 
  • Best practice for healthcare professionals in supporting parents who have experienced a bereavement from a multiple pregnancy 
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  • Approval of the first licensed medication to treat drooling in children with neurodisability 
  • Introduction of mandatory polygraphy to support the supervision of treatment of high-risk sex offenders 
  • A motor learning approach to speech therapy for children with cerebral palsy has informed UK guidance and international teaching practice 
  • Watching eyes: a cost-effective method of deterring undesirable behaviour 
  • Creating national debate and informing international policy to address geographical and socio-economic inequalities in health
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