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Integrated Academic Training Pathway

The North East NIHR Integrated Academic Training Programme for Doctors and Dentists

The North East NIHR Integrated Academic Training Programme for Doctors and Dentists provides comprehensive training for clinical academics at Academic Clinical Fellow (ACF) and Clinical Lecturer (CL) level.

Central to the programme is a bespoke, trainee-centred approach that provides opportunities for each individual to maximise their development in terms of research experience, skills and academic career progression. This is in conjunction with many of the highest rated specialty programmes for clinical training in the country.

NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowships

The North East NIHR IAT Programme currently has a number of ACFs in post. ACFs typically last for 3 years (4 years for GP) and provide both clinical specialty (75%) and research training (25%).

Exact arrangements are agreed on an individualised and flexible basis to ensure optimal clinical and research training. Protected research time allows each ACF under the guidance of a clinical academic supervisor to develop their academic skills, undertake research and put together applications for a research training fellowship (to complete a PhD or MD).


NIHR Clinical Lectureships

We have a thriving CL community hosted by the North East IAT Programme.

CL posts last for a maximum of 4 years and involve 50% academic time and 50% for clinical specialty training. CLs have already completed a PhD and by the end of a CL post have usually completed or are close to finishing specialty training.

A real strength of the North East IAT Programme is the bespoke approach that is adopted that recognises the academic and clinical training needs of each individual CL to best support and develop their clinical academic career.

There is flexibility around how academic and clinical time is split.

Academic supervision and mentorship are provided by senior clinical academics throughout the duration of an ACL to facilitate training opportunities, foster the development of successful applications for Academy of Medical Sciences Starter Grants and External Intermediate Fellowships and onward progression towards independent clinical academic careers.