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Intercalation opportunities

Medicine, dental and veterinary undergraduate students can choose to take a year out to study for an additional degree.

Intercalation provides a broad perspective in the healthcare professions. At Newcastle, we offer a range of BSc, MSc, MRes, MClinEd and MA programmes. 

We have intercalation opportunities for both internal and external Medical and Dental students. External Veterinary students are also included in this.

Intercalating students enter one of our modular Masters programmes. Or complete the final year of a BSc course. You will work within an academically-challenging environment.

This will help you to develop new, transferable skills that will enhance your professional development.

Many of our programmes allow students to choose their own research projects in a topic that interests them. You will work with experienced research and clinical staff during this period.

After completing an intercalating year, students resume their original studies.

Students from other universities

Newcastle University offers the following programmes to intercalating students from other academic institutions:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Veterinary

These are available to eligible students after their second, third and fourth year of study.

Current Newcastle University students

Our Medicine or Dentistry students have the opportunity to intercalate. They can choose a postgraduate programme after their 4th Stage of study.

After Stage 2, students may also undertake the final year of one of our molecular bioscience degrees. This would lead to a BSc Honours degree.

External intercalation

Newcastle University students can intercalate at an external institution of their choice. This is only after completing Stage 2 or Stage 4 of the MBBS or BDS degree. Please note, the Senior Tutor for Intercalation must deem the programme appropriate.

Newcastle University are unable to assist with funding for study at external institutions.