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Academic Foundation Training

Academic Foundation Training

Start your academic career at Newcastle University and Northern Foundation School

Our Academic Foundation Programme (AFP) hosts 21 trainees in each of F1 and F2. It is run jointly by Newcastle University and the Northern Foundation School.​

We offer a host of opportunities for trainees to undertake a wide range of placements. We promote a trainee-centred approach, supporting AFP doctors to undertake a placement in their area of interest. 

AFP trainees have one protected four month academic placement in EACH of F1 and F2. ​They are employed for the full two years by the same Trust. Partner Trusts are:​

  • Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: x12 posts​
  • South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: x3 posts ​
  • Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust: x3 posts​
  • North Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: x2 posts ​
  • North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust: x1 post​

All AFP trainees have access to training opportunities - lectures and taught courses -   held in the Faculty of Medical Sciences.​

The North East is a great place to live and work and there are very high-quality research and clinical opportunities here. The two dedicated four-month research blocks offered by Northern region provided the best opportunity to achieve my goals.

Dr Alexander Martin, AFP trainee 2018-20

What our trainees say

The Newcastle academic foundation programme appealed to me because of the chance to spend a protected and extended amount of time in academic rotations. The two four months rotations has allowed me ample opportunities to develop my academic portfolio and research skills, whilst still having enough regular clinical on call commitments to enable portfolio sign off.

I worked with 3 different supervisors throughout my F1 and F2 rotations, giving me opportunities to experience research in a variety of settings. I was able to undertake laboratory work, assist with clinical trial recruitment and undertake my own service improvement project. The rotations have enabled me to work with other institutions across the country, go to regional meetings, present at four conferences and publish a first author paper.

I've also used some of my academic time for medical student teaching and a medical education audit, as well as taster days. I was keen to gain some further clinical experience in paediatrics, and I have been able to arrange this easily. 

Dr Eve Roberts, Academic Foundation Programme trainee 2018-20

Dr Eve Roberts, academic foundation programme trainee, 2018-2020

Take the next step

After you gave finished your Academic Foundation Training you may wish to explore an Academic Clinical Fellowship

Newcastle also hosts an NIHR Clinical Education Incubator, designed to develop clinical education as an academic field.