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Serbian Clinical Immunology Fund

Funds of up to £3000 will support clinical immunology initiatives between Newcastle, UK and Serbia.

Applications to the Lilic-Abinun fund are now open. 

This fund is a bequest that will become fully functional in the future, but applications are currently invited for limited grants to ensure smooth functioning.

Application deadlines are annual in the last week of May. Proposals will be assessed by an independent panel appointed by Newcastle University.

This exchange is between candidates from Serbia and candidates from Newcastle / North-East UK. 

Funds are intended to enable and enhance the practice of all areas of clinical immunology in Serbia in ANY of the following activities: 

  • adult and paediatric clinical immunology services
  • diagnostic services
  • research 

Special consideration will be given to projects promoting forging of contacts and establishing collaboration in any of the above areas.


Project proposals / educational activities should support and promote:

  • reciprocal exchange of knowledge
  • forging of contacts 
  • current and future collaborations

Proposals from Serbia-based candidates coming to Newcastle

  • candidates (including doctors, nurses, technicians etc) attending as visiting clinical observers 
  • candidates visiting clinical diagnostic laboratories to acquire new skills 
  • candidates participating in ongoing research projects relating to primary immune deficiencies but also other areas relevant to clinical immunology 
  • attending educational events with participation of Newcastle University 
  • acquiring equipment / regents for the advancement of research in Serbia (limited funds)

Proposals from Newcastle-based candidates going to Serbia

  • organising workshops and training courses in Serbia 
  • organising standardisation procedures and promoting accreditation of clinical and laboratory services in Serbia 
  • candidates from Newcastle taking part in ongoing research projects in Serbia


Candidates can apply for sums of up to £3000. Projects run for up to six months. The support and duration are flexible but must be justified in the project proposal. Possible exceptions are at the discretion of the selection panel.


Eligible candidates include medical staff, clinical scientists, scientists and academics working in all areas relating to clinical immunology. Candidates working in the field of primary immune deficiencies will have an advantage, but all areas relating to clinical immunology will be included. Candidates should be: 

  • Serbian or UK nationals or residents
  • working in Serbia or Newcastle 
  • proposing to work with host institutions in the alternate location

There is no age restriction, but candidates already established in their field will have preference.

Host institutions

Applicants must have been in contact with their proposed host organisation and submit a letter of support as evidence.

Host Institutions Newcastle

Newcastle's host institutions include the University's Faculty of Medical Sciences. Linked NHS Teaching Hospitals in Newcastle and the North East are also involved.

For enquiries regarding accommodation in Newcastle please visit the Newcastle University accommodation pages.

Additional funds required for “cost of living” i.e.  subsistence costs (accommodation and food) should be aligned with Newcastle University estimates for students/ postgraduates and consequently for visiting fellows. This is currently at £1300 per month or £325 per week and is the amount that will be approved. View more information on Cost of Living in Newcastle.

Host Institutions Serbia

Serbia's host institutions include Medical Faculties at accredited Universities, including linked teaching hospitals throughout Serbia, in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, and Kragujevac.


If you have any queries please email the Immunity and Inflammation research theme lead

For technical help with the application form email Elaine Stephenson or click on the Email web editor link at the bottom of the webpage.


Final Reports 

Access final reports from previous successful Trust Fund candidates below: 

Maja Stojanovic

Ivana Stojanovic

Milica Zecevic