Student and Staff Wellbeing

Wellbeing Initiatives

Wellbeing Initiatives

Current Wellbeing Initiatives

Student Health and Wellbeing Services are committed to exploring new avenues in which our students' wellbeing can be nurtured and enhanced. Our current and ongoing wellbeing initiatives can be found below: 

Pianos on Campus

The act of playing/listening to a musical instrument can help us savour a moment of ‘time out’ in the midst of a busy day, and not only for the benefit of the performer.   Many of our staff and students do not have easy access to a piano whilst they are on Campus and this is something we recognise.   Therefore, and as an early launch of this initiative, across the University you will find ‘Pianos on Campus’ which follow the St Pancras model of being in communal places for everyone to play whatever their musical ability.  You will currently find them housed in:

  • The Student Union; Luthers Bar.
  • The Student Union; First Floor Recreation Space
  • The Frederic Douglas Building; Exhibition Space
  • Dental School; Student Common Room

with more places to follow, and you check where they will be on your Newcastle University App

Each of these pianos has the following sign letting you know that...

 pianos on campus



Meditation and Mindfulness

We provide regular guided Meditation sessions at Newcastle University. The sessions are led by the Honorary Buddhist Chaplain, Chris Earle-Storey and more information regarding the time and location of the sessions can be found here

 These sessions are open to all students and staff at the University.

Borrow Bessie

The ‘Borrow Bessie’ scheme is one of a number of initiatives being introduced by Newcastle University to help students and staff improve their mental and physical health.  Bessie is available for students and staff throughout the day for walks or just for company.

Sally Ingram, Director of Student Health and Wellbeing and the owner of Bessie mentions: “Research has shown that time spent with animals can alleviate worry, provide comfort and help people deal with feelings of isolation and loneliness – all issues that students can sometimes struggle with. Combining this with fresh air and physical exercise is a good recipe for positive physical and mental wellbeing”.

Covid-19 update

Due to local Covid-19 restrictions, Bessie's availability has been reduced.  Please email the FiveWaysToWellbeing inbox, with the date/time that you would like to request to take Bessie for a walk.  A member of the Student Health & Wellbeing team will then be in touch to finalise arrangements, and to let you know the safety information for walking Bessie.