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Open Research Awards

Open Research Award Winners 2022

About the awards

The Newcastle University Open Research Awards recognise staff and students who have used open practices to make research more accessible, transparent or reproducible, and demonstrate an understanding of the aims of open research.

The awards are open to research students and staff working in any research-related roles at the University. Entries may be submitted by individuals or on behalf of a team. Entries are reviewed by an awards panel and those shortlisted will be invited to present at celebration event, where the award winners are announced. Prizes are awarded as vouchers to the winner of the Open Research Award, second place and third place. Additional prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the panel. The winning case studies are published on this website and used in our advocacy activities.

These awards were made possible thanks to Newcastle University’s QR Enhancing Research Culture Project Fund in support of the University’s developing Research Culture Action Plan. A key strand of this plan seeks to make our research more transparent and reproducible and our data more accessible, to facilitate re-use and extend impact.

Open Research Awards 2023 

Details of the 2023 open research awards will be published here when open for submissions.