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Dissertation and Project Support

6 February 2024

We’re here to help you as you work on your dissertation or extended project. We’ve got the support you need to help you develop your skills and fulfil your potential, whether you prefer to explore resources for yourself or talk to an expert. 

Explore self-access resources   

The Academic Skills Kit has lots of helpful guidance on completing dissertations and extended projects. Our resources cover every stage of the process, enabling you to improve your skills and build your confidence. Find out more about: 

  • Planning your search 
  • Evaluating information 
  • Reading critically 
  • Integrating scholarship  
  • Writing and editing your work 
  • ... and much, much more! 

Talk to the experts 

Library staff are here to help you and enable you to fulfil your potential. Two teams with complementary knowledge and skills ensure you can access tailored support in ways that work for you. 

The Library Liaison Team are experts in finding, evaluating and managing sources of information. We can help you to access the full range of Library resources more effectively, provide feedback on your search plan, and help you improve the accuracy of your referencing. For quick questions you can contact us via Library Help or for a more in-depth discussion, you can book an appointment with us in person or online. 

The Academic Skills Team are experts in using information once you’ve found it. We can help you develop a wide range of dissertation skills, including reading for your literature review and writing critically. To find out more, email us at, or book an appointment with us in person or online. 

Build your skills  

The Your Skills Programme is a series of workshops designed to help you develop your academic practice and confidence. Over the coming weeks we’re focusing on dissertations and extended projects. We’ll cover topics including:  

  • Planning your dissertation 
  • Finding information for your literature review 
  • Writing your literature review 
  • Editing your dissertation 
  • Improving your referencing 
  • ... and more! 

Explore the programme calendar to book upcoming workshops. 

Working on your dissertation or extended project is very stimulating and satisfying, but it can also be challenging. Don’t worry, though - you’re not alone. Explore the variety of ways we can help you improve your skills and succeed. 

Last updated 06 February 2024 09:00