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Your reading lists provide you with easy access to books, e-books, e-journals and anything else your module leader recommends. These online lists are clearly labelled so you can quickly make decisions about what you want to read.

How to access your online reading list

Example reading list link in BlackboardWhen you log into Blackboard (or your designated VLE) you will see your reading lists within each module area.

In Blackboard, the Library Information section is within Overview menu where you will see a link to the Reading List for your module.

Login to Blackboard

If you're having problems accessing through Blackboard you can go via the reading lists search page.

Filtering your reading list

To search, click on the search icon at the top of the list and type in your search term. You'll then be able to scroll down to all the items on the list that match your results.

If you want to filter the list then click on the filter icon at the top of the list. You can then filter by tag (essential, recommended or background) or by type of resource (e.g. article, book, etc).

Exporting your reading list

On the Reading List landing page, click on the three dots button on the left hand side and you'll see some options to export your list into various formats such as Word, PDF and EndNote.

Problems with your reading list?

If something's not working on any of your reading lists then please let us know by emailing

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