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Ina Schim van der Loeff

Ina Schim van der Loeff

Academic Clinical Lectureship in Paediatrics

After spending 10 years in London at medical school (an integrated MB PhD program at UCL) and foundation training I moved to Newcastle 2 years ago. It meant turning down a London paediatric ACF and convincing my husband that we should move to a part of the country we barely knew. So far, it has proven to be an excellent decision. 

Not only is Newcastle a world-leading centre for paediatric immunodeficiency with a very research active consultant body it has also proven to be a lovely place to live. I have enjoyed a productive 9 month period in Professor Hambleton's lab, phenotyping two new mouse models of inborn errors of immunity and setting up diagnostic testing for ZAP70 deficiency, a cause of SCID. Supportive mentorship from Sophie and within the university more broadly has also allowed me to submit my first fellowship proposal. 


Ina Schim van der Loeff, Academic Clinical Lecturer in Paediatrics

Now a member of the paediatric ID/Immunology clinical team, it is amazing to see the links between bench at bedside every day, including the recruitment of patients for further study with potential new inborn errors of immunity but also the influence of information from the lab informing clinical decisions.

Meanwhile, I have bought a wetsuit and go swimming in the sea most of the summer and Newcastle is only an hour's drive from 4 different National Parks and well connected to the rest of UK and Europe by trains and aeroplanes.