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Colette Kirk

Senior Dietitian, Integrated HEE/NIHR Clinical Academic Fellowship

I am beyond delighted to have been awarded an integrated HEE/NIHR Clinical Academic Fellowship. Getting to this point has definitely been a journey with many ups and downs but hard work and determination pay off. The clinical academic office were instrumental in building the Fellowship application. They helped navigate the application process, allowed me to look at previous applications and organised a number of mock interviews.

My research focusses on the biological impairments of quality of life in patients with intestinal failure. In a largely evidence free zone, I will develop a sound theoretical basis of the relationship between intestinal failure and quality of life, with a focus around liver disease and multimorbidity. This new knowledge will feed into post-doctoral intervention studies aimed at improving clinical outcomes and therefore the quality of life of patients.

The ICA award funds my salary, research costs, my training and development plan and patient and public involvement for three years. I will spend 80% of my time working academically, and the remaining 20% will be devoted to clinical practice and professional development. The award builds on my previous success in gaining a years funding through Newcastle BRC to commence my research and register for a clinically focussed PhD. Without the support of the CAO, the BRC, my patients, clinicians, mentors and supervisors I would never have got to this point, thank you!  

Colette Kirk, Senior Dietician, Integrated HEE/NIHR Clinical Academic Fellowship