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Engage with us

In the Faculty of Medical Science our goal is ‘excellence with a purpose’. This can only be achieved through partnerships with groups beyond the university.

Events and opportunities

An important aspect of our work is interacting with schools and colleges to inspire and engage young people in the work of the Faculty.

The Student Recruitment and Marketing team run many events and opportunities for young people which will:

  • introduce students to the medical sciences
  • improve students' motivation and ability to progress to study at University
  • increase students' confidence in their ability to apply to medical sciences degrees
  • allow students to interact with academics and experience cutting edge research

To find out more about what we offer, please contact us.

A key event is our mini-medical school run every autumn. This is a series of interactive lectures and practical sessions open to anyone aged 15 and over.

The University runs a full programme of opportunities for schools and colleges.

From Newcastle for the world

Research is a collaborative endeavour, strengthened by the involvement of different stakeholders. In this video, Professor Lynn Rochester talks about the INCLUDE project. An initiative that focuses on involving more diverse populations in clinical trials.

The Engage team within the Faculty works to involve and engage patients and the public with all aspects of our research. These groups inform our research priorities. They provide insight on how those outside of the research community understand scientific advances.

The mission of the Engage team is to support interaction between these different partners. They work with third sector organisations, including patient support and community groups.

They create a variety of opportunities to start and support conversations including:

  • talks and discussion groups
  • workshops
  • museum exhibitions
  • digital media
  • performance art

They work closely with Voice.

Voice is a unique organisation, started in the North East. It now comprises a large network of citizens across the UK and internationally.

Members contribute insights, experience, ideas and vision to identify unmet needs and opportunities. This drives innovation on ageing and improve health research