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Behavioural Science and Psychology

We aim to understand the behaviour of whole organisms, covering both humans and non-human animal species.

The vision of the Behavioural Science and Psychology Research Theme is to:

  • foster collaboration across diverse approaches and perspectives to understand the behavioural and mental processes of humans and other animals
  • build a strong international reputation for high quality, ethical, and open research in emotion, cognition, perception, and social behavioural sciences
  • make a societal impact by training interdisciplinary behavioural scientists and informing policy and practice to improve the wellbeing of individuals and populations

Research in the Theme spans from the fundamental to the applied. It encompasses research on a range of species, from insects to humans. The main research strengths of our Theme are:

Person sitting at a computer taking part in an experiment

Other units studying behaviour at Newcastle University

Centre for Behaviour and Evolution

PhD funding opportunities 

Contact a potential supervisor if you are interested in applying for:

BBSRC Newcastle-Liverpool-Durham Doctoral Training Programme

ESRC Northern Ireland and North-East England Doctoral Training Centre

Studying Behavioural Science and Psychology at Newcastle University

School of Psychology programmes

MRes programmes

Public Health Masters