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Behavioural Science and Psychology

Behavioural Science and Psychology

Members of the Behavioural Science and Psychology research theme span many disciplines. These include:

  • anthropology
  • psychology
  • ethology
  • the social sciences

Real-world behaviour change

As a Faculty, we aim to address major societal challenges, including:

  • delivering improvements in human and animal welfare
  • sustainability 
  • equity
  • justice

Our research looks at neural, psychological and environmental studies, which underlie behaviour.  We then look to apply our findings to bring about real-world behaviour change.

Research methods and data processing

We have expertise using many research methods, covering both experimental and observational approaches. We also conduct our research in both laboratory and field settings.

We are pioneers of ‘behaviour informatics’, which is a form of information processing. This involves collecting behavioural data while using modern informatics approaches.

Our research resources

We have access to resources and equipment for recording human and animal behaviour. This includes: 

Through our influential research, we offer specialist consultancy and training. We work with national and international policy-makers, practice partners and key stakeholders.