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In research and teaching, Geoscience brings together geology, biology and chemistry to address global issues with innovative solutions.

Addressing major global challenges

Geoscience at Newcastle addresses the major global challenges that support life on Earth. We specifically focus on the interface between geological and biological systems.

Processes to sustain the global environment

Our goal is to understand Earth's system function. We look at the key processes that sustain the global environment. Our interests, among others, include:

  • fundamental global biogeochemistry
  • science underpinning critical human activities for energy and food production

Research to achieve Net Zero emissions

To achieve Net Zero emissions, we focus on geothermal energy and carbon capture in soils. We address processes in geological systems. We need to understand these to exploit the subsurface. We're looking for a source of raw materials and energy, and as a place to store CO2 and hydrogen.

Investigating extreme environments

In extreme environments, we investigate the processes:

  • that sustain life beneath glaciers
  • which might sustain life on Mars

Protecting the planet from pollutants

We investigate how soil biological processes mobilise nutrients or metals from minerals. We look at the consequences for crop growth or remediation of pollution. We characterise contaminants, including plastics, in the environment, and their transformations.

We quantify the fluxes of greenhouse gases. We look at how these relate to land use change, including peatlands and forests. We model ocean transport. We look at how this relates to the global movement of pollutants such as plastic particles.

Research-led teaching

Our teaching focuses on undergraduate programmes in Environmental Science.

They provide students with lab skills in chemistry and microbiology, and field skills. Our students graduate with a wide range of transferable skills. They progress directly to graduate employment or a second degree.

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