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Applied Social Science

Social scientists in the School work closely with policymakers and practitioners. We have an international reputation for excellence in research and teaching.

Internationally recognised expertise

The social science group has internationally recognised expertise that informs our research-led teaching.

Our interdisciplinary approach helps to deliver real-world solutions and supports excellence in research. Our research examines:

  • agriculture
  • food
  • environment
  • rural development
  • policy
  • society
  • wellbeing of communities

Informing policy and practice

We contribute strongly to the University’s vison. We harness academic excellence, innovation and creativity to benefit individuals and society.

Our research leads to wide-ranging impact. It informs policy and practice at local, national, regional and global levels.

Specialised undergraduate courses

We bring insight from our work with practitioners and policymakers into undergraduate courses. We offer specialised courses in:

  • business management
  • food marketing
  • rural studies
  • countryside management

We offer courses with a year in industry and a year abroad.

Supporting students to build transferable skills

We support out students to:

  • think independently
  • apply their skills across disciplinary boundaries

Our students also build a valuable toolkit of transferable skills. These appeals to a variety of employers.

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