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Biology Research

We focus on understanding biological and ecological systems, and apply our findings to resolve global problems.

Our research spans the breadth of the biological sciences, from fundamental research within the plant sciences, microbiology and biotechnology; to the study of marine and terrestrial organisms and their interactions with their environment; and modelling of environmental systems to inform national and global policy and management practices. We are funded from a diverse range of sources, including UKRI, the Leverhulme Trust, the European Union, DEFRA, and a wide range of industrial sources. Our people serve on national and international committees that contribute to real-world impact, and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Research themes

Our themes include:

  • Improving resilience, quality and productivity of plants in the face of increasing biotic and abiotic stresses
  • Developing tools and resources for engineering biology
  • Understanding the consequences of environmental change on the resilience of ecological networks
  • Modelling disease in wildlife, livestock and human systems to identify pathways to mitigate disease
  • Co-creation of research to inform global biodiversity policy processes, synergising human objectives and conservation interests


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