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Marine Science Research

Pursuing excellence in marine science through discovery-led investigations and focused applications.

Our marine science research base is diverse. We address fundamental and applied research challenges, ranging from the microbial scale to the dynamics of large-scale ocean-atmosphere interaction. We study the conservation and sustainable management of marine resources. We study the exploitation and extinction risks to marine species, examining behavioural and population-level responses to anthropogenic interventions. We address coral reef ecosystem management and conservation with the aim of enhancing coral survival and regenration. We work alongside policy-makers nationally and globally to protect marine ecosystems.

Research themes

Our themes include:

  • Using practical and theoretical approaches to look at key topics relevant to future ocean change, including ocean-atmosphere interaction and large-scale ocean dynamics.
  • Addressing coral reef ecosystem management and conservation, including developing understanding of coral bleaching and disease.
  • Studying the ecology of the deepest, most extreme ocean environments and their response to anthropogenic forcing.
  • Addressing threats to marine biodiversity and ecosystem resilience.
  • Understanding complex ecosystem responses to environmental change, to optimise stakeholder and citizen participation in marine governance.

Expertise groups

Our marine research is organised across two expertise groups:

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