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Earth Science Research

We enhance understanding of Earth system processes and human effects upon them.

Our research focuses on understanding the processes that occur within the Earth system. We look at how human exploitation, for energy, raw materials, food, and water, unsettle these processes. We combine multidisciplinary expertise to address global environmental issues. Our first-class facilities include two commercial farms equipped to conduct research under real-world conditions, Blyth Marine Station that helps us support the use of our research vessel, The Princess Royal, and the Dove Marine Lab equipped to conduct aquatic microcosm and mesocosm experiments.

Research themes

Our research themes include:

  • Developing insights into the Cryosphere, investigating processes that help sustain microbial communities to provide new insights into the possibility of life on Mars.
  • Investigating the role of the role of microbes, plants and animals in biogeochemical cycling.
  • Investing our knowledge in novel approaches to generating and storing energy.
  • Exploring new ways to mitigate climate change.

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