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Marine Science

Marine Science

We have strong reputations in research and teaching. We will enhance these through our ambitious vision for the future.

Internationally leading interdisciplinary research

Marine Science has a reputation for internationally leading, interdisciplinary research. This informs our research-led teaching at undergraduate, postgraduate taught and research levels.

Discovery-led science to focused applications

Our marine science research spans discovery-led science to focused applications. We maintain a broad and diverse portfolio of activities. We work in collaboration with national and international colleagues.

Areas of research

Areas of research include:

  • dynamics of large-scale ocean circulations
  • atmosphere-ocean interaction
  • optimisation and conservation of marine resources and their sustainable management

Working to sustainable development goals

We focus on key indicators of environmental status. We develop solutions driven by advanced theory and observation. We address all six strategic development goals in the:

Improving coastal and ocean management

We seek to improve coastal and open ocean resource management. We want to reduce maritime risk through wider international scientific coordination and cooperation.

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