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Modelling, Evidence and Policy

We use numerical and conceptual approaches to provide objective evidence for use in management and policy making.

What is MEP?

Our vision is of an inclusive, collaborative and interdisciplinary research group, providing innovative and world-leading research that pushes the frontiers of science and can inform evidence-based policy and practice in biological systems, nationally and internationally.

Research in the Modelling, Evidence and Policy group covers five themes: disease control and epidemiology, spatial and community ecology, population biology and evolution, evidence synthesis and working with policymakers, and conservation and biodiversity.

We will expand and deepen engagement with our partner network, the wider University and the public to ensure our research has impact and informs our collective learning and teaching.

Our Research

We investigate complex biological, medical, ecological and socio-ecological systems. We engage with policy processes.

We collaborate with experts from academic and non-academic sectors to maximise the value of our research. We address real-world challenges.

We collect data and model processes for ecosystems. We're looking at where biology, environment and decision-making interact.

Our impact on ecosystems policy

Conflict and synergies between human objectives and conservation interests.

Co-creation of research to inform global biodiversity policy processes, especially those on species conservation.

Modelling disease in wildlife, livestock and human systems to identify pathways to mitigate disease.

Our research takes us across the globe as we gather data to help conserve ecosystems and protect vulnerable species by informing policy

MEP Value Statement

We strive to provide an environment (both on and off campus) where everyone can thrive, and we value the participation of every member of our community.

Our collective ethos is to support each member to fulfill their potential, as part of a team founded on mutual respect.

This statement describes our shared vision for MEP, based on our values of respect, integrity, creativity and teamwork.

Diverse fields of expertise

UN Sustainable Development Goals and global biodiversity policy

Our research, teaching and learning is heavily influenced by the global challenges faced by biodiversity. Exploring issues central to both SDG 15 Life on Land and the Convention on Biological Diversity and includes:

  • species declines and extinctions, and what can be done to improve the status of species;
  • the conservation and sustainable management of ecosystems; and
  • tackling invasive species.

Our Research & Teaching

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