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News and Events

Read the latest news from the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences at Newcastle University.

Our Latest News

Report calls for animal welfare to be at heart of genome editing plans

A Newcastle University academic has contributed to a new report which says animal welfare must be at the heart of plans to approve new breeding technologies in farming and food production.

Fresh Careers 2021

A group of students from SNES and the School of Biomedical, Nutritional, and Sport Sciences led by Dr. Diogo Souza Monteiro attended the Fresh Careers 2021

Making solar energy more sustainable with light-powered technology

Technology using a new generation of hybrid solar cells is one step closer to mass-production, thanks to Newcastle University-led research.

Climatic drivers of honey bee disease revealed

Honey bee colonies worldwide have suffered from a range of damaging diseases. A new study has provided clues on how changing weather patterns might be driving disease in UK colonies.

Two leading research centres join the LEAF Network as centres of excellence for sustainable farming

Newcastle University Farms and Agrii’s Throws Farm Technology Centre have become the latest two establishments to join the LEAF Network.

Tribute to Douglas Boyes

We are shocked and deeply saddened to learn of the recent sudden loss of Douglas Boyes

Newcastle Farm Business Management students shine in The Pinnacle Awards 2021

Two Newcastle students, Rory Oliver and Tom Procter were shortlisted for the Pinnacle Awards 2021 for Excellence in Business Management, a national competition open to all students from all universities and colleges.

LED streetlights reduce insect populations by 50%

‘Eco-friendly’ LED streetlights are even more harmful for insect populations than the traditional sodium bulbs they are replacing, a new study has shown.

Newcastle University scientist recognised with a Royal Society Fellowship

Dr Tom McAllister has been awarded a prestigious five-year Royal Society University Research Fellowship to be hosted at Newcastle University.

Does living near cows make us happy? Town Moor Cattle are the focus of a new photographic publication

In Newcastle, cattle grazing on the city’s famous Town Moor is a familiar sight. In fact, the Freemen of the Newcastle have exercised their right to graze cattle on the land since before the Norman conquest.

Is seaweed the answer to more sustainable laundry?

Seaweed might not be something you instantly think of as clean, but it holds the key to a new laundry product that lowers emissions, protects the environment and saves UK families money on household bills.

Leading experts to join an international event on biodiversity conservation and sustainability

A new consortium is bringing together leading experts from around the world in an event exploring the role of UK higher education in biodiversity conservation and sustainability

How we discovered a giant new crustacean scavenging on the deepest depths of the ocean floor

How we discovered a giant new crustacean scavenging on the deepest depths of the ocean floor

Eurythenes plasticus is named a Top Ten Marine Species of 2020

Nearly 2,000 new marine species were discovered in 2020 — each a unique and fascinating addition to our known marine biodiversity.

Free activity packs to mark British Science Week

To celebrate British Science Week (BSW), we've created free activity packs for children and young people to do at home or in the classroom.

Man-made borders threaten wildlife as climate changes

Walls and fences designed to secure national borders could make it difficult for almost 700 mammal species to adapt to climate change, according to new research.

Agri-environment subsidies provide more stable farm incomes than direct payments

One of the consequences of Brexit has been that the UK government can have more flexibility and responsibility in deciding its own agricultural policy.

Chemistry Student cycles over 1100km in 8 days to raise £4200 for Cancer Research UK

Second-year Chemistry student Nick Hall was inspired to complete the rigorous challenge following his Dad’s diagnosis with Lymphoma in October 2020

Study reveals bycatch risk for dolphins and porpoises in global small-scale fisheries

A new study by Newcastle University shows that the risk of dolphins and porpoises being caught in small-scale (artisanal) fisheries is highest in low- and middle-income regions around the tropics and sub-tropics.

Chemistry breakthrough could speed up drug development

Scientists have successfully developed a new technique to reliably grow crystals of organic soluble molecules from nanoscale droplets, unlocking the potential of accelerated new drug development.

Laser-activated magnets could enable cloud computing systems to process data up to 100 times faster than current technologies

Data storage plays a key role in today’s society and is expected to consume 20% of the world’s energy production by 2025. Indeed, data storage servers are already emitting as much carbon dioxide as the whole aviation industry.

Zombie solar cells power smart IoT sensors with indoor lighting

New research from Newcastle University on ‘zombie solar cells’ has emerged.

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