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Biotechnology Master's Degrees

Biotechnology Master's Degrees

Biotechnology utilises biological systems and living organisms to develop or create different products. At Newcastle, you can pick a Biotechnology master's that best suits your interests.

Our Master's Degrees

Biotechnology and Biodesign MRes

This MRes degree is perfect for students opting for a research-orientated career. You'll investigate design and engineering approaches to create new biotechnological processes and products. With most of your time running experiments in the lab, you develop key skills including:

  • genomic DNA extraction
  • DNA ligation and plasmid construction
  • colony screening

During the MRes, you work with the:

You can take part in research group meetings and the seminar programme within the School. You'll also undertake a two-semester research project that focuses on a global challenge. The group includes a large cohort of PhD students. This allows you to grow your skills in a research-intensive study environment.

Industrial and Commercial Biotechnology MSc

Synthetic Biology MSc

Computational design of biological systems is vital as the synthetic biology field grows. This allows the construction of complex and large biological systems.

You will collaborate with one of the biggest synthetic biology research groups in the UK. We offer a unique multidisciplinary focus. You will enjoy highly-rated teaching and research expertise of our Schools of:

  • Computing Science
  • Maths, Stats, and Physics
  • Natural and Environmental Sciences
  • Faculty of Medical Sciences

Funding opportunities

The University offers a variety of Postgraduate Opportunity Scholarships.