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Work Experience

Join us to gain experience of a diverse and dynamic work environment

Work experince opportunities with the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences have closed for this academic year.

Applications will reopen in September 2023.

We will have the following work experience opportunities available:


Technical Services

Support technicians and gain experience in the diverse research areas within the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences!

We will demonstrate to you the day to day techniques completed by a technician including autoclaving, safety and laboratory management. 

Other possible techniques include: molecular biology plating and GFP transformations, stick insect maintenance, fieldwork including sample collections, sweep netting and insect identification and colorimetric measurements. The week will end with some scientific analysis and a small presentation of something you learnt to your peers and work experience coordinators.


Professional Services

Work with teams within the School’s Professional Services and gain experience in the core areas that support our teaching and research!

You will spend a week working across a number of teams which may include Education, Operations, Outstations, Executive Support, Events and Communications and Business Partners.


If you have any queries please contact