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Agriculture Business Opportunities

Our Agriculture staff work together with industry on a variety of international projects. Their work is aided by the two University farms.

We deliver a wide range of services and projects to industry and governmental partners.


NU-Farms is our teaching, research and business engagement platform, comprising two farms: Cockle Park Farm and Nafferton Farm.

Recent projects undertaken for a range of governmental and industry funders include:

  • expert advice on feed evaluation systems for livestock feed compounders
  • consultancy on dietary formulation and interpretation of experimental data for the pet food industry
  • advice on experimental design to maximise value obtained from data
  • demonstration and workshops on anaerobic digestion at farm-level
  • evaluation of enzymes, novel dietary additives/supplements for cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry
  • estimation of the environmental impacts of food production using LCA modelling
  • co-ordination of international projects on sustainable food production

Agricultural innovation

We are members of two Government Centres for Agricultural Innovation: CIEL and CHAP.

Knowledge exchange

Landbridge is our knowledge exchange network for researchers and rural professionals who advise farming and land businesses.

It's free to join the Landbridge network, just email your details to and you will be added to the mailing list.

Benchmarking service

From 1936 to 2022 we operated a free benchmarking service to farmers across Northern England through the Farm Business Survey Unit.

Research in rural business

We were also members of Rural Business Research. RBR combines the forces of some of Britain's top researchers in the field of farming, the environment and rural business.

Contact us

For further information about the range of services available to the agriculture industry, contact

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