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Chemistry Postgraduate Research

Your chemistry research will answer fundamental scientific questions. It will address societal challenges and advance emerging technologies.

Research strengths

Our research delivers meaningful impact, including:

  • new medicines that revolutionise treatment of ovarian cancer
  • pioneering the ability to perform remote access crystallography experiments
  • new technologies for energy capture and storage
  • enzymes which promote deep cleaning

Fundamental chemical research underpins our discoveries. We've developed new synthetic approaches and methodologies for understanding chemicals reactively.

Working across our specialisms

We catalyse the applied research across our research strengths, which include:

  • medicinal chemistry and chemical biology
  • bio-inspired materials
  • energy materials and catalysis
  • synthesis, structure and reactivity
  • theory, computation and data science

Funded studentships for our science PhDs and other research degrees

We have a variety of funded PhD studentships available that you can apply for. Funding is available from the Natural Environment Research Council. There's some doctoral training partnerships we're involved with.

Find out about our funded PhD studentships