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Feedback Forms

Feedback Forms

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Feedback Forms

There is a large variety of feedback forms in use across the University. LTDS have gathered student’s views about feedback forms. Find the full results of this project.

Selected Key Findings and Recommendations

Form Design

  • Have clear, separate sections showing:

    • strengths and areas for improvement

    • clear advice for future work

  • Only use tick boxes for objective areas of the marking criteria, such as grammar. When tick boxes were used for subjective areas, such as argument, students found this unhelpful.

  • Look at the feedback sheets and consider whether these should be redesigned. Consult with the students in your school as part of the process.

Utilising the Form

  • Type feedback, wherever possible.

  • Introduce structured opportunities to help students understand:

    • expectations of the marking criteria

    • the ways in which this is reflected in the feedback sheet

  • Discuss how you use marking sheets with your colleagues. Try to develop a consistent approach to:

    • the volume of feedback

    • the use of notes in margins