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Personal Tutoring & Support landing page

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The Personal Tutoring & Support landing page, which is part of the NU Reflect system, is available in Canvas and provides the tools to support managing the tutoring process at Newcastle University. This includes options to communicate with your tutees, the ability to quickly set up and record meetings, and links to a wide range of specialist services and support upon which students can call, such as the Student Health and Wellbeing Service and the Academic Skills Team.


How can it be accessed?

The Personal Tutoring & Support landing page is integrated in Canvas where students and colleagues can access it from Account.

Personal Tutoring & Support landing page access

Personal Tutoring resources

To support the tutoring process, resources have been recommended by Personal and Senior Tutors at the university. They are either based on their own practice, or taken from other universities, and include self-assessment analyses which can be used to stimulate group and individual discussions.

There is also a timeline of topics which could be discussed across the student journey, from a first meeting with tutees in Stage One, to final year tutorials. These, and our guidance on inclusive one to one tutorials and inclusive group tutorials, are provided as a starting point. They can be found on the Resources and Training page of the Learning & Teaching @ Newcastle site.

Guides on this site