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Recording at Home

ReCap Personal Capture (PCap)

PCap (ReCap Personal Capture) is a version of ReCap that can be installed on any personal computers or devices.

PCap allows you to create, edit and upload your own recordings. It is used for things such as creating pre- or post-lecture learning materials, providing students with video feedback on assignments or exams, and delivering useful information to staff and students on a variety of topics.

As well as capturing the screen content and audio, PCap allows users to capture a video of the presenter (talking head) if a webcam is available and the system will also add editable captions to your recordings.

Once processed, recordings are stored securely and can be shared via the VLE (virtual learning environment) or by distributing the recording link.

Panopto Web Recorder

Panopto Capture allows you to record ReCap video content directly from your web browser without having to download any software. It can be a useful alternative to using Personal Capture (PCap) software.

Panopto Mobile App

You can easily create ReCap content using your mobile device. To do this you will first need to download the Panopto mobile application from your appropriate app store on your device.