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ReCap Booking Requests

Timetabled Teaching Bookings

The University operates an opt-out policy for the recording of lectures, meaning that anything identified in the timetable as a lecture (and taking place in a ReCap-enabled venue) is automatically recorded by ReCap unless colleagues choose to opt-out. The recording of other teaching events, such as seminars, can be requested. Colleagues can check and manage their scheduled teaching recordings using the ReCap Booking Management System

Please be aware that the Booking Management System controls bookings for an entire module, and therefore you might wish to discuss the arrangements for a module with other colleagues teaching on it.

Any changes to bookings must be made by 8pm the day before the recording is due to take place.

Note: The recording of non-timetabled and one-off events can be requested by completing the one-off booking request form a minimum of 5 working days before the event is due to take place.

One-off Booking Request

To book one-off, or non-timetabled ReCap recordings (e.g. Public lectures, induction week presentations, conferences), please complete the one-off-events booking form available via the IT Support Portal – search for ‘Book a ReCap recording session’ in the Service Catalogue. 

Please be aware that this form is for booking the recording only and the venue must be booked separately and in advance via University Room Bookings

Should your venue change after you have booked a one-off ReCap recording then you must inform the ReCap team, as we need to manually update the information in the ReCap system. Search for ‘Cancel or delete a ReCap booking’ in the Service Catalogue. 

Please be aware that:

  • We request 5 working days notice where possible to allow us to process your booking request in time
  • You must obtain consent from all presenters prior to booking the recording
  • You should also inform the audience, prior to the event, that recordings are taking place

To cancel a booking please contact us at your earliest convenience. Search for ‘Cancel or delete a ReCap booking’ in the Service Catalogue.