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Digital Exams with Inspera Assessment

The Digital Assessment Service is the University's centrally supported service for secure present in person digital exams. 

The software for digital exams is called Inspera Assessment. Exam types that are possible with Inspera include:

  • Automatically marked questions, for example Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank and Hot Spot question types. See the full list of Inspera question types for more information.
  • Digital written exams that allow students to type their answers to written questions online.

For assessments that require specialist maths functionality, the Numbas open source maths e-assessment tool remains available for colleagues to use.

Inspera Scan

A basic digital drawing tool can be made available for students to use when answering essay questions in Inspera. If your students need to create more sophisticated drawings as part of the answer to a question, or to hand write content such as equations on paper, there is the option to use Inspera Scan. 

Inspera Scan enables students to hand draw part of an answer to a question in their Inspera exam. After the exam the completed scan sheets will be returned to the School for scanning. The scans are uploaded to Inspera and can be marked online as part of a student's answer to the relevant question. 

There are 2 different types of Insepra Scan sheet available, a Grid Scan Sheet and a Blank Scan Sheet. If Inspera Scan is required for your exam, when you complete the digital exam form you will be required to state how many of each type of scan sheet each student sitting the exam will require.

Note that Inspera Scan sheets are designed for content that students need to submit to be marked as part of their answers to questions in the exam. Scan sheets are not intended for rough work. As standard students are provided with a small amount of paper for rough work for all digital exams. If you require your students to be provided with more paper for rough work during your exam you can request this separately from the Exams Office when the backup paper is submitted via the Exam Paper Portal.

Further Help

Online guides for all Inspera functionality are available in the Inspera Help Centre.

If you have questions or would like to discuss a current or potential new digital exam with the Digital Assessment Service team, please email