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Digital Exams with Inspera Assessment

The Digital Assessment Service is the University's centrally supported service for secure present in person digital exams. 

In 2021/22 we are launching new software for digital exams, called Inspera Assessment (link to Inspera website). By adopting a specialist digital exam system, instead of continuing to use the virtual learning environment for digital exams, we have access to more advanced digital assessment functionality. This will enable the expansion of our digital exam provision to support more modules and larger student cohorts in future.

 Digital exams that use Inspera are:

  • Locked down so that students can only access allowed materials on the computer during their exam
  • Delivered either on University computers or on students’ own laptops (referred to as Bring Your Own Device or BYOD exams)
  • Monitored by University invigilators
  • Accessible to all students

Exam types that are possible with Inspera include:

  • Automatically marked questions, for example Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank and Hot Spot question types. See the full list of Inspera question types for more information.
  • Digital written exams that allow students to type their answers to written questions online, and incorporate drawings or written calculations done on paper into their online answers where needed.
  • Allowing access to specified online resources or applications during a secure exam, using allow listing functionality.

For assessments that require specialist maths functionality, the Numbas open source maths e-assessment tool remains available for colleagues to use.

Further Help

Online guides for all Inspera functionality are available in the Inspera Help Centre.

If you have questions or would like to discuss a current or potential new digital exam with the Digital Assessment Service team, please email