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NU Reflect

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NU Reflect is a system designed by the University to support students' reflective learning, as well as offer the tools to support Personal Tutoring.

Incorporating reflection in programmes and modules provides an effective way to support students to understand their own learning processes, and to develop their awareness of their own skills and abilities and evidence these, applying theoretical knowledge to real experiences and supporting employability.

Accessing NU Reflect

NU Reflect is integrated into Canvas and is accessible in both your Account view and from any in-course menu. If NU Reflect is not visible within a course, it can be added by accessing Course Settings, clicking on Navigation and dragging NU Reflect into the visible navigation list (remember to click Save at the bottom of the page). Alternatively, NU Reflect can also be accessed at

An image showing how to access NUReflect (in Account, select NU Reflect).
An image showing how to access NUReflect (in any course, select NU Reflect in the course navigation menu.).

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