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NU Reflect tools

NU Reflect Tools

The tools within the University’s NU Reflect system include: 


The My Learning section provides the tools to support personal, professional, and academic reflection in both modular and non-modular contexts. Students can reflect against structured skill sets, which are determined by programme/module registrations, including the Graduate Framework (taught students) and Research Development Framework (PGRs).

The dedicated Templates area within My Learning allows students to reflect using structured reflective templates to guide the reflective process. Additionally, colleagues can create bespoke templates for use within their own programme/module contexts. 

NU Reflect - My Learning heading

Skills development

The Progress section allows students to recognise and categorise their personal skills developed, e.g., against the Graduate Framework or Research Development Framework, to ensure they have developed the skills necessary within their programme, with resources or links to opportunities for further development.

Progress heading

Sharing and Groups

The People section provides the option to create specific groups with the purpose of effectively sharing, organising, and communicating with others at the University. There are three sharing options:

  • Share Groups offer simple one directional sharing between the group owner and group member(s). Students can create their own groups and some groups (‘My Tutors’) are created automatically based on institutional data. 
  • Supervision Groups offer the supervisor the means to communicate with all members of a group, but student posts can only be seen by the supervisor.  
  • Communities allow all community members to view all the posts added to the Community.  

Creating groups offers additional functionality, including the ability to email group members, create meetings or offer meeting slots, read and respond to posts of group members and share documents.

People heading

Personal Tutoring & Support

The People section also supports Personal Tutoring by displaying all tutees, including their UCAS Personal Statement, assignment marks through NESS, timetable, and student information from SAP.

Meetings can be created by colleagues with any student within the NU Reflect system, allowing meetings to take place in various contexts, such as Personal Tutoring meetings or group meetings for undergraduate projects.

Meeting slots, for individual or group meetings, can also be created to provide students with timeslots to select suitable meeting times.